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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Synchronize data over the internet with GMX or Web.de

Are you using Remus at home and at work and want to keep several folders in sync? - No problem if you have a GMX or Web.de Account (two big freemail-provider). Both are offering online space (GMX 1 GB, Web.de ~120MB) which are accessible via the WebDAV protocol.
First you have to login into your freemail account and create a new folder where all the Remus stuff will be stored.
Afterwards you can create a new WebDav Connector pointing to your GMX or Web.de online folder

Use the following URLs:
  • Web.de: https://webdav.smartdrive.web.de/[YourSyncFolder]/
  • GMX: https://mediacenter.gmx.net/[YourSyncFolder]/
If the folder was checked out into the local navigation structure, all synchronization features are available.

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