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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Copy often used Text-Fragments into the clipboard

If you're editing text in any application you often need predefined text-fragments. I came around this issue, while internationalizing a software-program into the german language. The problem was, that Umlauts needs to be written in a special notation, which consists of several characters. To speed the writing of these special fragments I used Remus to copy these strings into my clipboard. See how this works:

Start: I have to write strange characters for Umlauts like Ä,ü or ß.

Therefore I'm creating a new Plaintext Information unit for every character-sequence I need. The text-content is actually the content I need to paste very often.

Next step is to add so-called instant-copy sections in my desktop-panel, that are pointing to the Plaintext information units.

If you're done with that your desktop-panel will have new Buttons with the Label of the references information units. If you click on the Buttons the content of the Plain-Text information unit is copied into the clipboard (in my case it is '\u00C4')